~a family that plays together, stays together~

“For many families, play is the missing ingredient that glues the family together. Play has the ability to open closed spirits and heal broken marriages. We know instinctively that play produces family togetherness and support. We know that when we play together, we have a deeper sense of belonging and community in the family. Parents must proactively work at making a sense of belonging and community one of their key goals for family togetherness”.

~Jim Burns

Every now and then we could all use some fresh ideas for family fun. This list includes no or low cost things to do to create lasting memories for your family.

  • Work on a group art project such as a mural or painting
  • Plant a garden
  • Write a story together
  • Make preserves
  • Bake some treats to give to a neighbour or friends
  • Make a movie or music together
  • Have a fancy dress up dinner just for fun and go around the table sharing what qualities you admire most about each other
  • Play charades
  • Make family cards together for holidays or birthdays
  • Learn to cook an exotic meal together
  • Make a photo album/scrapbook
  • Research ancestry
  • Crank the music and clean the house
  • Wash the car…and have a water fight!
  • Work on a puzzle together
  • Create a “Gratitude Jar” – everyone writes something he/she is grateful for throughout the year; the family reads them together on New Year’s Eve/Day
  • Learn to play an instrument together
  • Play Name That Tune…no using Shazam on the iPhone!
  • Go through old toys/belongings to donate to charity
  • Have weekly Games Night
  • Paint or decorate a room together
  • Play airband
  • Learn to sew/knit/macramé together
  • Puree fresh fruit and make popsicles
  • Watch a TV or documentary series together
  • Fly a kite
  • Go for a hike
  • Take the bus downtown and play tourists for the day. Take photos!
  • Go on a picnic
  • Visit a Farm/Museum/Beach/Cultural Centre
  • Visit an elderly person in a seniors facility
  • Volunteer together
  • Go for a walk in the rain
  • Have a scavenger hunt
  • Go roller blading or ice-skating
  • Go bowling

What are some ways YOUR family plays together?


~ Christine Hall BA CYC, Youth & Family Counsellor

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