Art Group

Art Group is a safe place for any youth, ages 13 to 18, to come and express themselves in any way they feel comfortable. We have been offering this group going on four years and will continue to in the future due to its great success.

The purpose of  Art Group is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for youth to learn and practice social skills within a fun, social environment while making connection with other youth and be engaged in a no pressure, safe and creative place. And the bonus part is that they turn out some pretty amazing art projects!  

Art Group

Youth learn valuable social skills such as kindness, acceptance, how cool differences in people are and patience. The conversations range from video games to bullying issues at school and so much in between. The strong bonds that are formed within the group have transferred to the home and we see youth contacting and getting together outside of group time. 

If you are interested in attending, please call our office to add your name to our wait list!

Call 250-748-0232 for more information.

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