Youth Voice

This month’s feature: “ART IS KOOL” with DHANA KRAHN

20151112_144337Dhana is a 15 year old Cowichan youth who is passionate about art and music, and is an avid fan of YouTube personalities. Dhana recently attended the Ghost Town Haunted Youth Concert Tour in Vancouver where she purchased a t-shirt with this image that inspired her to recreate it at 3:00 AM one morning!

Dhana used acrylic paint, pencil crayon and marker on paper to reimagine the original art found on her souvenir shirt.

20151112_144413Dhana has future dreams of one day living in Vancouver and attending Art School….as well as meeting the YouTubers she admires. 🙂


Below is an original watercolour and ink piece created by Dhana. Dhana stated that she had no real vision for the piece, and finds that she operates more by instinct when using watercolours as a medium. When asked if there is a name for this creation, Dhana replied no, but she considers it to be “Tumblr-ey – Galaxy”!

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