• Are you a teen in crisis?
  • Are you a teen feeling frustrated, angry or sad about your life?
  • Are you a teen that is feeling out of control?
  • Are you worried about someone you know?
  • Are you not acting yourself?

We offer counselling services to teens.

We are trained counsellors.  We are here to listen and to talk.

We are believers that in talking out loud with someone neutral, that you can all get clearer about what is or isn’t working.

It is possible to work through conflict and strong emotions!

Change is possible.

Our services are free and confidentiality is very important to us.

You will have a say in what happens here for you.

It is important that you click with the person that you talk with, and we are a big enough group that we can find you a different counsellor at Cowichan Valley Youth Services (CVYS) if that is what you want.

You do not have to be alone with whatever is happening in your life.

We will do our best to offer some support or seek out someone who can.

Some of the things we help youth with:

Anger. Anxiety. Behaviour Problems. Depression. Self-harming. Family Conflict. Divorce. Separation. Adoption. Dating. Social Skills. Life Skills. Gender Identity. Grief. Loss. Bullying. Sadness. Emotional Abuse.

Youth Services Resource List

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