Moose hard at work in the YEMP office!

CVYS takes pride in offering a diverse staff who each have a diversity and multitude of techniques, training, and counselling experience coming from a variety of perspectives. This helps the agency to serve individuals and families in ways that speak to their own unique needs and supports growth and well-being from many angles.  The quality of training’s, staff morale, and professional atmosphere at CVYS is unique and creates a welcoming feeling for both staff and clients alike.

The CVYS Team

Michelle Bell, BSW M Ed Leadership
Executive Director

Milah Smith, MA, BSc, CCC
Counselling Team Leader
Youth & Family Counsellor

Sophia Palmer, MSW, MFT, CAS, RCC
Community Outreach Team Lead
Youth & Family Counsellor

Wendy Montgomery, MA, BA Psy
Youth & Family Counsellor

Kerri Anderson
Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Jazz McKenzie
Admin & Program Support

Bianca Humbert, MA, BA CYC
Youth & Family Counsellor

Kerry Moon, BA CYC, MA(in progress)
Youth & Family Counsellor

Ciara Harte, BCYC, MA, RCC
Youth & Family Counsellor

Ryan DeBuysscher-Nailor, BA Psy, MA(in progress)
Program Manager(YEMP)

Hugh Weir, MA, BSc
Group Facilitator (YEMP)

Jay Wade, BES
Youth & Family Counsellor

Madi Innes , BA CYC
Youth & Family Counsellor

CVYS Unofficial Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog

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