Purica Foundation Gala raises $100,000 for CVYS Youth Hub!

Thanks to the Purica Foundation, and the support of Cowichan Valley businesses and individuals, we are getting closer and closer to making our dream a reality!

The Dream Team!


  • A safe place for youth to gather and come for support!
  • An accessible building where a coordinated spectrum of service providers can share space, collaborate and offer single point of access and wrap around services for children, youth and families.
  • Maximized resources by reducing administrative costs
  • Greater financial strength, efficiency, infrastructure cost control and sustainability for CVYS with room to grow as the Cowichan Community Center old pool lobby, viewing area and changerooms will be transformed into the updated and fully functioning Youth Hub!

Donations do not go towards operational costs. CVYS has been fully operational for 47 years!

Thank you to the amazing group at the Purica Foundation for taking fundraising to the next level, and allowing us to continue to focus on the youth. This amazing group worked tirelessly to make sure this event was successful, and they did a fantastic job! Every detail, every communication they made on our behalf, and every moment of the night felt genuine and full of the love and dedication that we feel everyday working with Cowichan Youth. It was truly a magical night!

photo of Madi, Cantelope, and Ciara
by Masika May Photography

We are so grateful to everyone in the community who donated, attended and supported this amazing event!
Thank you to all of the local businesses and individuals who made donations, sponsored the event, and donated items for the silent auction! We appreciate all your support!

And a huge Thank you to all the amazing volunteers, you rock!!

Photo of All the Amazing Volunteers by Highlight Studio

Please visit Purica Foundation to learn more about the incredible businesses and individuals that contributed during this amazing event.

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