A New Sign

A sign might seem like an unexciting thing to write about, but when you have waited as long as we have for a space to call our own, putting up a sign is quite an accomplishment! For fifty years Cowichan Valley Youth Services has operated out of several locations, and we are so proud to finally have our own building and permanent signage! We would like to acknowledge the hard work of our staff and supporters over the years, we couldn’t list everyone on the sign, but we want every person who has worked at CVYS, donated to, and supported us over the years to know that their hard work and dedication is why we are still here, fifty years later! When it came time to look for a building to purchase we had many helpers and supporters and we just can’t thank them enough!

We would like to acknowledge The Purica Foundation for their passion for community and support of the work we do in the valley, we could not have purchased this building without their fundraising efforts and donation of $250,000.

The generosity and kindness of the Finlayson Family during the sale of their long time building touched our hearts, and we are so grateful for their $50,000 donation to CVYS.

Island Ford has been committed to supporting local agencies and charities for years, and their donations over the years have allowed us to focus on our services.

Home Depot donated $25,000 towards our building and continue to support our programming and services through their yearly Orange Door Campaigns.

The funding we receive through Trans Care BC, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Service Canada, United Way, and the Province of BC, allows us the ability to provide consistent and accessible services to the youth and families of Cowichan Valley.

And a very big Thank You to Mark’s Instant Sign Ltd. for donating our brand new sign!!

It’s very exciting for us to be able to prominently display our appreciation for these amazing organizations and individuals, we are so grateful for all of your support.

Our signage and previous locations over the years…

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