Kids Teach Kids

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*Program Complete*

Kids Teach Kids was a youth lead project to teach other youth about the risks of sexual exploitation when using the internet and smart phones.

There are 9 youth who have participated in creating a 40 minute presentation on the risks of online sexual exploitation. The youth created a short video and brochures to provide to children to share with their parents.

These 9 youth volunteered over 40 hours of time to education sessions and presentation building. The youth have presented to just under 1000 grade 6-8 students in the Cowichan Valley with hopes that children will be able to identify unsafe internet users and know what to do and how to get help to help avoid sexual exploitation in the future.

Brochure page 1 Brochure page 2


 Kids Teach Kids was a creative based project that involved music drama, and artistic creativity.

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